Thanks for visiting the Gates Lab research page. We are housed in the Quantitative Psychology program of the L.L. Thurstone Psychometric Laboratory in the Department of Psychology at the University of North Carolina.

In general, we aim to describe peoples’ psychological, behavioral, and emotional processes using quantitative methods. We view people as being unique; as such, one model likely cannot be used to meaningfully describe all individuals.

To achieve this goal we utilize methods within time series analysis, structural equation modeling, machine learning, and network theory frameworks. Within these domains we develop, test, and disseminate analytic methods for use with intensive longitudinal data such as psychophysiological (e.g., functional MRI & electrocardiogram), ecological momentary assessment (e.g., daily diary studies), and dyadic interaction (e.g., mother-infant; husband-wife).

For developers: https://github.com/GatesLab/